We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

I appreciate your very kind handling of my brother, Larry E. Cunningham, whom you buried at Maple Grove Cemetery. You did everything with kindness and dignity and ease.

Dianne Cunningham February 13, 2021

Thank you so much for offering this service at an affordable price. You saved our family over 1k and for that, we are grateful. Mr. Miller was pleasant and professional and made this very difficult time a little easier. I highly recommend Cremation Services of East Alabama and Mr. Miller.

Kristie Klass Lindley

They were very compassionate, and respectful of the family when they came to pick up my mom. They treated her with dignity. We were comforted by that. We deeply appreciated their patience with us. I highly recommend them for anyone's families needs.

Becky Baisden

I would highly recommend this wonderful company! During such a difficult & emotional time they were so understandings, professional and supportive. took care of everything for us! Thank you sooooo much

Vicki Sears

The first time that I have dealt with a company that performs cremation services was with Cremation Services of East Alabama. Wow, to say that i was impressed at their response, the respectfulness and professionalism of their employees, and staff would be an understatement for sure. When you are confronted with the decision of honoring the wishes of a loved one and the handling of the process itself, I don’t believe that it could have been handled any better. I can honestly say that these folks care about you and the memory of your loved ones as well or better than the “normal” burial service business. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to the folks at Cremation Services of East Alabama! We miss you, Dick Garard...! Rest easy and know that everything is taken care of.

John H Barnette

this is who took care of my Son this month. Jeremy English was his name. these folks at cremation services are the Best Folks I've Ever Known I highly recommend them

Sheila Thompson

We have had to use this service twice - just a week ago our daughter was killed in a car accident - we did everything on line ! Dudley Miller and his staff are what you want in time of need !

Christiana Marie Hoff

I just cannot begin to tell you how wonderful Dudley and his team are. They are genuine, laid back, you feel no stress or manipulation . They are Sympathetic, kind and truly here to provide a service for grief stricken individuals. We even had them go and get my loved one from another prominent funeral home so that she could be with Cremation Services of East Alabama. Best decision we ever made and we will not go anywhere else. You need these type of people in this grief stricken time, people you can trust and who actually care about your loved ones. Dudley is just that.

Christi O'Quinn

Everyone was beyond helpful with helping us through a difficult situation. We will never forget the kindnesses shown to our family.

Carolyn Huckaby

They were extremely helpful, pleasant and patient with me and my family during our time of need. I highly recommend them, things I wasn’t even thinking of they took care of for me and my family

Janice Osborne

Very professional, prompt, great communication (both personal and online document handling). They instilled a confidence that things would be handled properly and respectfully and gave our family one less than to worry about during a difficult time. Would def recommend!

Betty Payne

Professional and a friendly staff! Unbelievable price ! I would highly recommend these people

Bev Schewaniack August 26, 2020

Creamation Services of East Alabama did a direct cremation of my husband Tim last year after a long illness. They were more than kind to me at a time I was at my worst point. They made his arrangements with no stress. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Anita Lou Gisselberg-Everhart

Amazing people to deal with, Went above and beyond for our family. Thank you so much Dudley! Highly recommended!

Kristi Mitchell

This is a wonderful place to entrust your loved ones to. They are very compassionate,understanding and extremely professional. My family and I were treated with much respect. And they were willing to go out of their way to make a very difficult time bearable. I got the impression that the workers here really did care. And for me that made all the difference in the world. So, I say, Thank you. Now my brother is resting in peace. May God bless you all.

Charlotte Burnham

Very helpful. I didn’t know where to begin as I’ve never had to go through this process and they were there to answer every question text and phone call wonderful service they made the whole process very stress free

Sarah Femrite

Excellent service. Dudley Miller responded quickly with compassion and caring. Death certificates were ready in record time, and he notified Social Security. Our hospice nurse also recommended them highly

atherine Struntz

Provided great service. Really helpful in explaining everything along the way. Made the process less confusing and affordable.

ashley newell

They were very informative and assisted me with many details at a very hard time in my life. Dudley was a very caring person

Pam Cardoso

I am in Florida & Dudley helped our family with the death of my step-brother who died in the B'ham hospital after surgery. They took care of all the arrangement details, transport and the paperwork (most by phone) with my parents in Tennessee and made the transition for our family smoother in addition to saving us money during a very difficult time. Thank you Dudley.

Melody L.

Thank you Mr. Miller. You are truely a blessing for what you do. You went above and beyond in the services you provided for my husband. Thank you so much.

Donna Fortenberry

Seeing the time was coming for a family member we spoke with Dudley and was able to have everything in order for the needed service. Paperwork was complete and ready the morning of her passing. The pick up service was on scene with in thirty minutes and was very professional. The cost of their services was half of the cheapest funeral home contacted that would have provided the same exact service

Steve Pegues

During one of the worst times imaginable, they worked with me every step of the way over the course of a month. Told me my rights and the laws concerning everything, and always said to call them back with questions. Professional and courteous, I couldn't have asked for better.

Stephen Danya Calloway

highly recommend this Fantastic company very helpful before and after the passing of husband, professional, respectful and supportive , Thank you Family Of Daniel E Bond

JoAnn Bond

Caring and concerns of the emotional needs of those that loved him. Professional and service of the death certificate and remains of my husband. Arrived in a timely manner. Showed passion and understand. l would recommend to everyone. Wonderful service in your time of need.

Deborah Wesler

I would recommend this place of service to anyone in the area in need of compassion for the loss of a loved one. They walked me through this difficult time without hesitation. Late night calls and text were answered without a bat of the eye. Dudley and his team deserve to pat themselves on the back!! Thank you guys again

Chanel Rodgers

I wasn't sure what to expect when the time came to handle my grandmother's affairs after she passed. The customer service, answering service, and Dudley were very hands-on and personable. Everything was wrapped up in less than a week without any issues. I appreciate being able to do everything from my home which is in another state from where my grandmother passed.

Katie Lucero

They handled my dad’s passing & cremation with care. We received his ashes via shipment in a timely fashion. The urn was lovely & I appreciated the option of a miniature version as well.

Artura Alford

Staff was very helpful and respectful at our time of mourning. I highly recommend them.

Beverly Smith

Very reasonable financially and the staff is super nice, and helpful.

Keith Slagle

Dudley and Cody were absolutely the epitome of professional courtesy and compassion. My loved one passed during the night and their pick-up service was here promptly and treated my loved one with dignity and treated my family with kindness.

Wilma Whateley

Everyone was very kind during out time of sorrow. Kindness goes a long way when your are grieving. I believe it was Justin that came out first. Justin, Dudley and his wife helped through last minute preparation. My family appreciated everything and the have my by business in the future.

Katherine J Cebrian

We couldn’t have ask for better care and compassion. Dudley was professional and took care of all of our need promptly. I highly recommend Cremation Services of East Alabama.

Stacy Rogers

Dudley Miller was so kind and understanding when my mother in law passed away. He made an awful ordeal go as smoothly as possible. We can't thank him and his wife enough for their services and kindness.

Vicki Howell

Provided outstanding service to our family in the loss of my dear husband. We are located about 150 miles away, and they transported him to their facility and promptly returned the cremains in a safe and secure manner. Also took care of all the administrative details that are difficult but necessary during such times. Thank you so much for your care, concern and assistance during this difficult time for our family.

Crafty Granny

Cremation Services of East Alabama helped us with my children's dads cremation. He had no insurance and most of his family either would not or could not help with the cremation or services. Cremation services of East Alabama was the best price for us and very kind to us. Dudley kept in contact with us throughout the process. Very much recommended.

Camy Williams

Thank you Jesus. This place is so helpful in time of need at time of need. Mr. Miller is exceptional. Bless him good Lord.

Teresa Reeves Ward

I live in Florida but my mother passed in Alabama. I found Cremation Services of East Alabama online and couldn't be more please with the professionalism and speed with which all the arrangements were made. Dudley explained everything I needed to do and then carried out the process seamlessly when it was time. I was very happy with their services.

Teresa Hocevar

My son died at home of cancer. They picked his body up and brought his Ashes to me because he was coming thru Cedarbluff. Thank you for you services.it meant a Lot to my family.

Lynda Kay